Fire Neural Network.

A neural network based approach to detecting Wildfires in Realtime.

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Predict Wildfires in Realtime Using Lightning

Lightning-initiated fires are responsible for over 70% of the area burned, and Fire Neural Network (FNN) detects these wildfires within seconds. FNN uses its proprietary lightning detector network, data from the newest environmental satellites, and AI signal processing adopted from astrophysics to quickly locate fire ignition spots. FNN delivers actionable intelligence in realtime.




Lightning is one of the most important causes of wildfires, as lightning-initiated fires are responsible for over 70% of the area burned in the West Coast of the US. However, only a small portiom of lightning strikes are capable of starting a fire; these are the High-Risk-Lightning (HRL). At Fire Neural Network (FNN) we quickly and accurately alert when an HRL occurs.


FNN's HRL detectors combined with FNN's proprietary lightning science, multiple data feeds, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based selection algorithm enables real-time HRL detection. FNN HRL detectors are ideally placed less than 20 km apart, but no farther than 30 km apart, in order to maintain their ability to map lightning in 3D with a superior location accuracy, detect long-continuing current, and report electric charge transfer.



Unlike others, FNN alerts even before there are visible signs of a fire


Decreases firefighting costs, utility company losses, and insurance payouts


Efficiently triggers wildfire camera systems, forest services, and drones


Empowers NGOs and land trusts to protect against illegal burning

Satellite Based Fire Detection and Mapping

Instantaneous Trigger with Pinpoint Accuracy℠


The Fire Neural Network uses the NOAA GLM lightning satellite to cross-corroborate potential fires with a realtime lightning database. In addition, it uses multiple bands to differentiate between regions of cloud and no-cloud to allow for higher accuracy.

Sept. 4th

Sept. 6th


Fire Neural Network detected a fire in realtime on September 5th, 2019. By the time authorities detected the fire 24 hours later, the devastation was more than 10 square miles. Fires spread quickly and become hard to contain, so a 24-hour detection time is just not good enough! Fire Neural Network scans for fires every 5 minutes, delivering warnings faster. When it comes to detecting fires, speed is everything!

Finding Fires Lightning Fast℠

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